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A podcast for the Commander community.

Hi folks! We are big fans of the Commander format of Magic: the Gathering and want to bring you amusing chatter about cards, strategies, news, and more. We’re going to focus on contributions from the Commander community – so we’re going to ask you for opinions, personal takes, stories, and the like as we explore the various ways we all play.

Here are the ways you can track us down: (You are here.)

The show – @commanderinmtg
Phil – @ketjak
Sean – @Copain26
Nate – @MisterPlorg


E-mail: [email protected]

Under Construction!

The home of the Commanderin’ MTG podcast. Pardon our dust while we set up.

Known issues:
(as of 5/25/2015)
Header graphic does not load properly on mobile devices.
Podcast link is duplicated, and one of them doesn’t work.
iTunes doesn’t yet carry our feed.

For some these might be barriers – but no, for us, it is simply a test of our perseverance!