E141 – Commander 2018 with Gavin Verhey

Tuvasa_the_Sunlit_ENGavin Verhey, Lead Designer of Commander 2018 #MTGC18, seizes control of Commanderin’ in order to tell us development stories about this year’s Commander set. What an amazing show!

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2 thoughts on “E141 – Commander 2018 with Gavin Verhey

  1. Mmmm listening phrases like ” We don’t put cards like sensei divining top or life from the loam to leave people to add them if they want” … so you would not add good cards if they are about 10 dollars or something like that? but why? if Wotc doesn’t recognize secondary market prices.

    And then…

    “We should make 115 cards deck because ARE SO MANY GOOD cards to add” and then fill the Jund deck with bad cards? … I really don’t understand.

    Don’t get me wrong, the new cards are awesome, and I really like the approach about their creation … but the decks are overall lacking and is very frustrating that Phil and Shivam just smile and laugh instead of asking questions.

    1. Hi Cristian,

      Fair criticism. We were focused on the new cards, and not the (lack of) reprints. We also try not to be too critical of the bad cards in a set (Gyrus, anyone?), or even the entire set, when speaking to someone who has poured their life and creative energy into it. Designers are no stranger to strong feedback, but on the show fresh after a release (or even later) is not the best time to tear into them. They usually are aware of and will discuss their issues later on (though Gavin was pretty clear that they misunderstood “land matters” in R&D).

      Thanks for writing, and thanks even more for the feedback – that’s a gift, genuinely, and we will try to reflect what the community wants a little more directly.


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