EDH Variants

At GPLA 2018, on Friday 17 August, we had 8 people who wanted to play EDH and they all wanted to play with each other. Someone (probably AE) suggested we all play together in teams, and we made this variant. There are probably others that are similar, and someone else probably made this variant first, but we cobbled it together on the spot. So we felt really special.

Team Primordial (retroactive, since they won): Rubin Bresler @MoxReuby, AE Marling @AEMarling, Charles Gray @Elevarius, Shivam Bhatt @ghirapurigears
Team Kalonian: Andy Bentley @BentzMr, Phil DeLuca @ketjak, Olivia Gobert-Hicks @goberthicks, Silas McComb @SilasMccomb


  • Each player has 30 life.
  • Divide into two (or more!) teams of equal numbers of players. Each team names itself after a hydra
  • Each player can be eliminated separately from their teams.
  • Each player controls their own permanents, cannot tap mana for other players, and cannot defend other players.
  • If a player takes an extra turn, only that player takes an extra turn.
  • Each team shares the turn sequence – there is only one upkeep, for example, and all “heads” go through it together.
  • Tell us about your experience playing this variant!