MagicFest Los Angeles 2019

Come to the one and only Commanderin’ Commander Event at The Dragon and Meeple from 7 PM to midnight on Friday, March 1st, during MagicFest Los Angeles 2019!

The Dragon and Meeple, LA’s newest gaming pub, are opening their tables a week early just for us! RSVP and come play Magic all night:

  • A casual Commander tournament starting at 8 PM FREE EVENT WITH ENTRY (rules here)
  • Play EDH variants FREE EVENT WITH ENTRY (rules here)
  • Pay-to-play sealed events (run by The Dragon and Meeple, pay to enter, enjoy prizes!)
  • Pick up some Commanderin’ tee shirts and playmats! (for purchase)
  • Bring your food – their license is pending, so bring your own food or get it nearby.
  • No alcohol is permitted yet.

  • The Dragon and Meeple are only minutes from the Los Angeles Convention Center! Come straight over, grab some food, and play Magic all night!

    Send us your RSVP by clicking here!

    The Dragon and Meeple – 3742 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90007