E182 – #MTGTHB Preview Card, Idyllic Tutor

Idyllic_Tutor_EN (Collector)We are honored to present to you our free Theros Beyond Death #MTGTHB preview card, Idyllic Tutor! This card is a free preview given to us by Wizards of the Coast. Yes, this is a reprint most of us have desired since, well, the year after it rotated out of Standard.

Many thanks to Gavin Verhey, who again provided the voice for the FREE PREVIEW CARD skit, and the monologue at the end. It’s pretty awesome that he found time on his busy European Vacation to record that for us, and on very short notice. Thanks again, Gavin.

We have to apologize for our recent silence – Phil and his wife had pretty severe health issues to deal with, and right after Phil made sure his game was going out the door, he took a leave of absence from work in order to focus on both of them getting well. As such, we went on hiatus suddenly and with no warning, and in the meantime we decided to change the format of the show considerably. More on that later, when Phil finally gets the show in which we talk about that edited and up.

You see, Phil not only records the show, he usually produces it, always edits it, always publishes it, and finances it except for donations like yours. However, the Patreon is not enough to pay for video editors, and it takes 8 to 20 hours to put the show together. He (I) can’t do that every week – it was hurting his family, his work, and his health. If you have ever thought about donating, it would do a lot to help us get back to weekly so Phil can pay a video editor properly.

For those of you already supporting, thank you – it helps tremendously.


Phil and Shivam

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