E001 – Dragonlord Silumgar – Commanderin MTG Podcast

In this episode, we introduce ourselves and talk about commanderin’ with Dragonlord Silumgar, and also talk about the powerful card Bribery. Bribery is about as close to staple blue as you can get in Commander/EDH. We also talk about the horror of losing expensive cards in a basement flood. (Please visit the Command Zone, while you’re at it.)

Our Dragonlord Silumgar decks:
Sean, Thieving Cockney Bastard – DeckStats
Nate, Crimelord Silumgar – DeckStats
Phil, Dragonlord Stinky, Murderer – DeckStats

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5 thoughts on “E001 – Dragonlord Silumgar – Commanderin MTG Podcast

  1. Hi guys!

    After listening I quickly sorted through my cards to find my Bribery(had completely forgotten how good that cards is) and put it in my Sen Triplets control deck, which coincidentally used to be a Dragonlord Silumgar deck… I’m just more Esper than Dimir(how can you say no to Utter End and Supreme Verdict? I know I can’t).
    You also forgot the most important thing about Bribery: It’s a finisher… that can’t be taken with Bribery!

    Anyway, really liked your first podcast and looking forward to many more! You might want to adjust the volume though, it was really low on this one.


  2. Awesome first episode guys. I really enjoyed it! So excited to finally have a replacement for the Five Commanders to fill out my week.


  3. Always happy to see more EDH content! The cast feels very comfortable to me, a MtG player since 1995 who also quit for a time before getting back into the game.

  4. Great episode guys! Welcome back to the fold Phil. I will do my best to spread the word and once I see it pop up in iTunes, i’ll get on that rating. Thanks!

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