E004 – Jason Alt Part 1 – Commanderin MTG Podcast


In part 1 of this amazing visit, Jason Alt comes Commanderin’ to tell us about his 75% philosophy and how he became involved in MTG Finance. Our listeners supplied the best questions.

This guy’s every where:

  • At Gathering Magic, where he first coined the term 75% decks.
  • At MTG Price, where he gives advice to the MTG finance community (from behind a paywall).
  • On Twitter (@JasonEAlt), where he gives out opinions for free.
  • On his two podcasts Brainstorm Brewery and Money Draught, where, while they are not family-friendly, are fantastic and often funny with an eye on where the dollars are going in Magic.

While recording, Jason mentioned his Shu Yun solution to “the Rafiq problem” in this excellent article.


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