Power Armor by Doug Chaffee

E027 – Tech We Use and Underrated Cards in Commander – Commanderin’ MTG Podcast

powerarmor-OnlyWe talk about the tech (software) we use to prepare and playtest, & also feature underrated cards in commander/EDH.

Decked Builder is here.
Cockatrice (on Woogerworks) is here.
Decks we have tuned using Cockatrice are on DeckStats.
A very special nod to EDHREC.COM.

Cards we mention this episode:

    Rise of the Dark Realms
    Austere Command
    Royal Assassin
    Reality shift
    Aeon Chronicler
    Shivan Reef (and all the pain lands)
    Unravel the Aether/Deglamer
    Apprentice Necromancer
    Creature — Zombie Wizard
    Doomed Necromancer
    Into the Core
    Curse of Marit Lage
    Boiling Seas
    Omen of Fire

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