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Welcome to our Big Token series, where we talk about commanders that work really well as bosses of token decks! We inaugurate the series with Token Spam – the most iconic in canned token commanders, they even each have their own titles:

Ghave, Guru of SporesGhaveImage
Marath, Will of the WildMarathImage
Ulasht, the Hate SeedUlashtImage

Our decks:
Sean’s Ghave http://deckstats.net/decks/35612/418305-ghave-combo-tokens-sean-/en
Phil’s Marath Combo Mk III http://deck.tk/8Nau3Ocn
Phil’s Marath Non-Combo Mk VII http://deck.tk/5Gmn5IbO
Nick’s Marath http://deckstats.net/decks/56455/413601-marath-and-her-friends
Nick’s Ulasht http://deckstats.net/decks/56455/413599-ulasht-the-token-vomiter

Visit Bruce Richard’s fantastic Serious Fun article for a look at Sean’s Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim deck!

Cards we mention:

Generally Useful Cards
Doubling Season
Parallel Lives
Primal Vigor (just… don’t)
Hardened Scales
Elemental Mastery
Fungal Sprouting

Buffing the Team
Cathars Crusade
Muraganda Petroglyphs
Overwhelming Stampede
Pathbreaker Ibex
Craterhoof Behemoth
Garruk Wildspeaker
Coat of Arms
Door of Destinies
Mirror Entity
Beastmaster Ascension
Triumph of the Hordes
Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

Secret Tech (Shhh!)
Dragon Throne of Tarkir
Sarkhan Vol
Xenagos, the Reveler
Ivy Lane Denizen
Bloodspore Thrinax
Thelonite Hermit
Rith, the Awakener
Impact Tremors $0.29
Mana Echoes $7 – 7.50
Confusion in the Ranks $.89

Cards Good with Marath & Ulasht
Basilisk Collar $7.90
Gorgon Flail $.34-.58
Gorgon’s Head $.19-.24
Bow of Nylea (if you ping after declaring attackers) $1.49-2.14
Quietus Spike $3.34 – 3.57
Nightshade Peddler $.14-.21

Cards Good with Ghave
Corpsejack Menace $.33-.57
Ivorytusk Fortress $.25 – .32
Golgari Germination $.19 – .22
Daghatar $.25 – .33
Necrogenesis $1 gumball

Beating these Decks
Black Sun’s Zenith
Balefire Dragon
Steel Hellkite
Ratchet Bomb
Pernicious Deed
Deadly Tempest
Incite Rebellion
Aether Snap
Thief of Blood
Vampire Hexmage
Balefire Dragon
Steel Hellkite
Ratchet Bomb
Massacre Worm
Tabernacle of Pendrell Vale (why not?)
Illness in the Ranks

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  1. The Sword of Kaldra is also strong with Marath. Once equipped, it’s a 1 mana creature exile.

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