E070 – Encyclopedia Commanderica 8 – Commanderin’ MTG Podcast

Nate and Phil bring you another Encyclopedia Commanderica, as well as a Watch List recorded earlier! Hear about 15 random cards and how they play in Commander.

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3 thoughts on “E070 – Encyclopedia Commanderica 8 – Commanderin’ MTG Podcast

  1. Hi guys!

    I am a great fan of your podcast and when you asked about somebody Dutch to talk about advocaat, I had to write in :). Advocaat is indeed very Dutch and made of eggs and alcohol. If you wondered: the name comes from the avocado. In the Caribbean (the Dutch isles there) they made this drink with avocado and it was brought to The Netherlands by sailors. Because avocado’s were rare, they used eggs instead.

    Over here it’s a drink associated with old people. I don’t think anybody under 60 drinks advocaat anymore… Well, you asked, so I delivered ;).

    Now that I am writing, I can also ask you something else that I was thinking about: I am a Level 1 judge with a good grasp of the rules. I hear you guys are sometimes making rules mistakes in your podcast, or you are unsure of how a rule works, and I am shouting the correct rulings at my car stereo :). If there is any way I can help you with this, I am more than willing to!

    Fore example, If you have questions about the rules after a podcast, don’t hesitate to ask me. Maybe you could add a rules update to the podcast to make corrections? I don’t have a clear vision on how this could happen the easiest way, but I did want to offer my services :).

    Have a great day, and please keep making awesome podcasts!

    Best regards,
    Mark Koster

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for listening, and thanks even more for writing in!

      We are not necessarily old people, but Nate and I have a history of drinking terrible beverages and, if one must know, large quantities of alcohol. We heard about this and simply must try it; fortunately, I have a supplier that provides very small quantities of it.

      As for rules – yeah, we get them wrong. 🙂 We sometimes issue corrections when the errors are egregious. Sometimes we check with Judge Chat, but most of the time we fly by the seat of our pants – is it as distracting as it seems to be?


      1. Hi Phil!

        There are actually two kinds of advocaat I read. The more liquid kind, which is the one we export, and a more thick version you even eat with a spoon. That is the version I remember and probably the one used more in The Netherlands. Anyway, good to hear you have a supply route ;).

        About the rules: I noticed that I shouted to my car radio a few times that the rules don’t work the way you think, so I thought I would offer my help :). It’s not so bad that you get a rule wrong, but everybody who listens to doesn’t know better now gets that rule wrong as well, or starts doubting. And since Magic is already as complicated as it is, I always try to make sure people understand how thinks work. Anyway, don’t lose sleep over it, you usually get things right ;).


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