E076 – Encyclopedia 09 & Five Minutes of Madness

Nate and Sean bring us another fantastic Encyclopedia, ten cards and how best to use them in Commander; this time Sean introduces a new segment called “Five Minutes of Madness!” Let us know what you think of it.

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1 thought on “E076 – Encyclopedia 09 & Five Minutes of Madness

  1. No love for the Ifh-Biff?! What gives? The card is fantastic!
    I went way into depth about it in one of my old “Something for Everyone” articles about a year and a half ago. In a nutshell, it serves five roles as Creature Removal, Attack Deterrent, Life Gain Machine (with lifelink and plenty of other flyers), Ticking Clock and Doomsday Device.

    It’s a tremendous card and with some equipment to give it lifelink and/or Protection from Green, it can absolutely become the focus of some incredible games.

    Also – great work with everything else, fellas (as always). I’m looking forward to your Aether Revolt reviews.

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