E109 – Ixalan Preview Card: Trove of Temptation

XLN_WebIxalan comes Commanderin’ with a fascinating preview card – Trove of Temptation!

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2 thoughts on “E109 – Ixalan Preview Card: Trove of Temptation

  1. I adore this card. It’s going straight in my Progenitus angels deck, because I can’t wait to sit back in glee as my opponents reluctantly send forth their creatures as tribute to the mighty hydra lord (or lieutenants Gisela and Avacyn).

    In fact, this does have a pretty fun “Hunger Games” vibe, where you are the Capital, and the opponents are the Districts sending their weak ones to be slaughtered for your benefit. Especially if you have things like Caltrops and Dissipation Field.

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