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E013 – Sheldon Menery – Commanderin’ MTG Podcast


Sheldon Menery comes Commanderin’ to talk about a myriad of commander-related topics! Want to learn how to get on the EDH Rules Committee? Listen to this episode! Want to hear Sheldon laugh? Listen to this episode! Want to hear Commander Jesus refuse to cure Sean? Listen to this Episode!

Sheldon is an excellent guest, and he takes us back to the dawn of time and describes his efforts to popularize the format.

Sheldon’s current favorite deck: Yasova Dragonclaw, complete with play-by-play. Updated version as of 11 AUG 2015 is at DeckStats.

Sheldon is a fan of the Outlander TV series: IMDB (general spoiler warning applies).

These are the Commander Rules Committee (RC) members as of 22 AUG 2015:
Sheldon Menery
Toby Elliot
Gavin Duggan
Scott Larabee
Alex Kenney

These are former RC members:
Duncan MacGregor
Devon Rule

Find Sheldon on Twitter, Facebook, and Star City Games. Read his articles, they are golden wisdom.

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