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E056b – Eldritch Moon Bonus – Eldrazi Horror Token


Howdy folks!

This is a custom Eldrazi Horror token created for our listeners by Kelle DeLuca! Just go into the show notes and download the PDF directly. If you use iTunes on a computer, it will be in your iTunes list.

If you don’t use iTunes, go here: https://secureservercdn.net/


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E002 – Commanderin’ at Grand Prix Las Vegas 2015 – Commanderin’ MTG Podcast


We had a blast at GP Las Vegas and want to share it with all of you. This episode, we talk to our listeners at the Command Zone Gatherin’ on Thursday night.

We speak to Marc Gravel (@Clueless005), Payden Bullis (@PaydenBullis), and Andre Treiber (@llikeafoxx).

We’d like to thank the Command Zone (@JFWong, @JoshLeeKwai, @CommandCast) for their fantastic event on Thursday night. It was a blast, even when we weren’t recording; thank you, Josh and Jimmy! Fantastic time!

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