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E047 – Encyclopedia Commanderica 05 – Commanderin’ MTG Podcast

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Encyclopedia Commanderica returns – Nate and Sean EFFING Whatson give it their all and get into some silliness about how these cards work in Commander:

Long-Forgotten Gohei 0005-1
Death-Mask Duplicant 0005-2
Orzhov Basilica 0005-3
Illusionary Forces 0005-4
Animate Wall 0005-5
Black Ward 0005-6
Archangel 0005-7
Foundry Street Denizen 0005-8
Unchecked Growth 0005-9
Storm Seeker 0005-A
Sedge Troll 0005-B
Snow Fortress 0005-C
Into Thin Air 0005-D
Choke 0005-E
Desecrated Earth 0005-F

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